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Modern industrial enterprises of Oil and Gas, Energy and Utilities, Metallurgy and other sectors of large production capacities and complicated technology utilize numerous software from different vendors during their operations. At each stage of the implementation of an industrial facility, a large amount of various information is generated, and especially a lot of such information arises in the engineering process. It becomes a great challenge to acquire all the data and check that across all teams in a project the information is not contradictory. At the OPEX stage (up to 50 years), data is critically needed by Plant Maintenance and Reliability services. It is important to collect data in digital form before the start-up phase of the enterprise (during the CAPEX stage) and ensure its quality, reliability, accessibility, and interoperability for all participants of the OPEX stage.


Open Cascade provides a solution that helps to:

  • form a data model for digital mock-up based on the best industrial practices and standards.
  • ensure the collection and validation of data from disparate sources (including both technical documentation (engineering, procurement, vendor design, maintenance, commissioning and construction) and legacy tool set. At the same time, Open Cascade possesses technologies that allow working with both structured data sources (such as BoM, BoQ, component list, equipment list, etc.) as well as partially and weakly structured ones (datasheets, isometrics).
  • provide access to verified and reliable data to all interested project participants (web-based digital twin portal).

Besides the 3D interface of the object users have access to 2D graphical representation of it and all connected data in a table form. The Digital Twin Portal from Open Cascade has an object-oriented architecture where the unit of information is a tag and associated 3D and 2D documentation, as well as sets of associated data. Having access to the Digital Twin the user gets access to the most complete and comprehensive description of the tag.

Open Cascade has unique technologies for collecting and recognizing data from various sources, including:

  • Datasheet scanner© (engineering design/vendor design) — collecting equipment technical characteristics based on a unique ML technology for recognizing equipment characteristics values based on data model requirements.
  • Isometric scanner© — using ML approaches for reverse engineering data from isometric drawings to create as-built 3D models and form a piping materials database to support procurement and maintenance processes.
  • Tag scanner© — proprietary tag scanner technology allows you to form tag2doc links based on semantic rules and tagging specifications, provides comprehensive verification and error detection in object tagging.

Open Cascade, being not only a software development company, also offers the services of experts in the field of information management; the team includes experts in all critical areas of the asset life cycle: EPC cycle, including work with vendors/manufacturers from the stage of forming requirements for a digital asset (building a data model taking into account the requirements for data from maintenance, construction, commissioning, etc.), progressive digital handover cycle — ensuring a phased digital acceptance of data with their verification and granting access to them, maintenance cycle (support for final digital handover from EDW to CMMS, EAM, ERP and others, building PBS, WBS, etc. in external systems), etc.

Business value

Open Cascade solution for information management of industrial facility makes your data a real value.

The information acquired is always up-to-date and correct, which

  •  cuts the operational costs of data search,
  •  critically reduces the number of errors in construction associated with incorrect decisions,
  •  downsizes the amount of unproductive time for personnel connected with searching, checking and analyzing data.

Open Cascade technologies are focused on all stages of the life cycle of capital facilities. Moreover, the widespread use of AI, ML approaches and rich experience in the development of specialized 3D solutions (including its own 3D core technology) allows the company to provide services not only for EPC companies, but also for Owner-Operators, providing support in the formation of digital twins of plants based on already existing documentation and data in legacy tools.

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