Asset Revamping

One-of-a-kind collaborative software providing quick access to realistic, interactive and easy to use 3D data in a web browser for all stakeholders

View, share and store
3D data in the web
Keep your industrial 3D projects in a single centralized storage
Explore point cloud, CAD and BIM simultaneously within one scene
Review and collaborate on massive 3D data and share it with others
Use Virtual Reality (VR) mode for more realistic immersive visualization
Asset Revamping
can be utilized for

Experience smooth navigation throughout large 3D models with a level-of-details approach to perform comprehensive design review. Rich capabilities allow speedy communication and sharing of the information among all project collaborators.

Conduct remote fire safety, health, hygiene or construction inspections as well as machinery verification and checking, etc. using virtual replica of existing facilities.

Explore massive point clouds, calculate actionable metrics, check the size of an equipment required during a maintenance operation, simulate different scenarios online as if being on site, analyze results and detect critical areas that need fixing, modernization, modifications, etc.

Democratize 3D throughout the whole enterprise network by providing a flexible access to industrial projects to all stakeholders regardless their geographic locations via a web browser.

Aggregate large assets of 3D data in a single place with unlimited scalability by eliminating the need for file exchange. Deploy the solution on a private server (on premises) or choose a public cloud hosting.

Tailor the product to your workflow
Software Integration
Upon request Asset Revamping can be built into existing customer's workflows and integrated with MES, ERP, PLM, IIoT, SCADA, etc. systems.
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3D Continuity
Asset Revamping is fully compatible with all other Open Cascade software products and solutions as all of them are built on the Commercial Platform.
Partnership with an expert
Our collaboration with IMAG’ING assures rapid implementation of best-in-class technologies and practices around the creation and exploitation of digital twins. IMAG’ING services include laser scanning, industrial design and virtual collaborative solutions.
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