Enhancing solutions for non-destructive robotic inspection



Nondestructive testing has become an inevitable part of modern quality control processes for industries that require certain quality at their final products due to the high criticality of the components and the environment in which they are mounted. Strict government regulations regarding public safety and product quality, as well as the continuous development of electronics, automation, and robotics are key factors boosting the ultrasonic testing services market today.

A high level of competition challenges companies that provide services of non-destructive robotic inspection or produce UT robotic testing devices to seek for software solutions able to work with products of complex geometry, using innovative CAD technologies for reliability, quality, and efficiency. It is also important to make testing results comprehensible and easily integratable into modern asset management systems.


Open Cascade, thanks to years of industry-specific experience and a solid base of proprietary development tools consolidated in the company’s Platform, offers to enhance your software for non-destructive robotic inspection with technologies for easier and faster data preparation, 3D visualization, and simulation.

Open Cascade is one of the best choices if you are looking for adding to your software for non-destructive robotic testing the abilities to:

  • define and optimize inspection tools trajectories for significant inspection time reduction and an increase in the flexibility of inspection planning.
  • prepare data for numerical simulations to make it possible to simulate processes that occur during ultrasonic testing in order to determine parameters of ultrasonic examination, especially parameters of probes and scan plan, and analyze the results.
  • reconstruct surface from laser scans. With Surface from Scattered Points component of Open Cascade Platform, it becomes possible to provide the services of UT robotic inspection for clients that do not have 3D models of their assets.
  • optimize data for coverage analysis for defining the necessary testing spots and coverage percentage and, therefore, saving time and ensuring quality of the inspection.

Business value

Stand out in the market by enriching your solutions for non-destructive robotic inspection with Open Cascade cutting-edge CAD technologies. Time-tested development tools of Open Cascade Platform and deep relevant expertise of the company’s team can enhance your know-how capabilities, increasing accuracy, precision, and speed of the software for inspection tools while reducing production time and associated labor costs.

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