Custom Software Development

Are you searching for software that would be a perfect fit to your business needs? Custom software development services will help you solve this challenge. Open Cascade has been delivering bespoke 3D software to a wide range of customers for many years. We successfully put out our expertise at the service of various industries.

Unique technological offer

What makes us unique as a custom software development company is that we base bespoke solutions on our own powerful technologies. The Commercial Platform, unifying multiple software functionalities, is a baseline for tailored solutions. The 3D modeling kernel that we apply is our proprietary Open CASCADE Technology. We use it at full capacity as our developers are experts in it.
Key benefits
  • Internal 3D platform for custom development
  • Proprietary high-performance 3D modeling kernel
  • Ready to integrate customizable tools
  • Fast time-to-market for your final solution
  • Licenses & royalty-free model with affordable cost
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