Open Cascade Platform components are updated!

21 Nov 2022

We are pleased to announce that the new versions of added-value components are available under Open Cascade Platform. All components were ported and certified to Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) v.7.7.0. The new release of Open Cascade Platform components provides around 100 bug fixes over the previous release 7.6.0.

Open Cascade customers are welcome to download the components from Customer Corner, which has been substantially updated following customers’ expectations. 

The most essential changes are listed below.

ACIS Import

  • 30274. NULL geometry in Edge within imported SAT file

Advanced wrappers

  • 32830. Java Wrapper – Excess dependency on License library
  • 32688. Java Wrapper – JT wrapper creates file with a too long name
  • 26845. C# and Java wrappers evaluation package

Best Fit

  • 33120. Replace std::random_shuffle with std::shuffle
  • 30175. Access violation on shape without geometry data
  • 30361. Addition of the scale factor in the best fit algorithm for scaling point clouds

Canonical Recognition

  • 28243. Bad result of the canonical recognition
  • 32940. Some surfaces are not recognized as cylindrical surfaces
  • 28620. Surfaces in a shape can’t be converted
  • 29389. Exception during processing two shapes by ColDetectionProxy_Intersector algorithm
  • 32984. Collision is computed incorrectly with non-zero tolerance

DXF Export

  • 31488. Exporting NURBS curve results in a straight line

Express Mesh

  • 32405. Tessellation performance issue
  • 32600. Conical face with small holes is triangulated incorrectly
  • 32911. Algorithm takes too much memory to proceed
  • 32939. The polygon was lost in mesh algorithm
  • 32948. Invalid wire message on closed contour
  • 32988. The Express Mesh algorithm produces a mesh with hole
  • 33045. Wrong generated triangle in mesh
  • 33098. Wrong ordering of the wire
  • 33115. Polygon is missing
  • 30390. Exception OutOfRange in QMTools_WireCorrector
  • 33136. Mistake with the description of the QMdiscr command in DRAW
  • 32085. Algorithm generates mesh with topology errors
  • 32472. Mesh deflection is always equal to the value specified by user
  • 30137. ExpressMesh hangs when meshing this bad face

IFC Import

  • 33070. Upgrade IfcOpenShell to the new version
  • 32693. Handle entity types RevolvedAreaSolid, TriangulatedFaceSet
  • 33168. Exception reading IFC file using standard API [Regression]
  • 30651. IFCCAFControl_Reader.hxx should NOT depend on external libraries

JT Import/Export

  • 33008. Mistakes in User’s Guide
  • 33140. Incorrect layer’s string conversion [REGRESSION since 0033125]
  • 32983. Instance named data is ignored
  • 32777. Remove SWIG checks
  • 33058. Perform XT data translation in multiple threads
  • 32843. Crash when read JT with PMI


  • 30109. Algorithm fails with specific mesh

Parasolid Import

  • 33079. Improve color transfer, handle alpha canal
  • 32062. Imported model has an artifact
  • 33067. Updating schemas

PMI Visualization

  • 32905. NULL dereference while highlighting PMIVis_Shapes
  • 32745. NULL dereference while on sample STEP file
  • 32097. Allow to save an angle qualifier in a document

Point Cloud Rendering

  • 33184. Correct cmake procedure to disable protection of TKPointCloudBase
  • 33151. Avoid computation of bounding box when reading E57 file if cartesian Bounds property is present in the file
  • 33128. Get rid of inheritance from std::iterator class
  • 33123. RWPointCloud – getting rid of std::unary_function deprecated in C++11 and removed in C++17
  • 33127. TKPointCloudTest, fix error C2039 – ‘uncaught_exception’: is not a member of ‘std’
  • 33126. TKPointCloudTest, fix error C2039 – ‘auto_ptr’: is not a member of ‘std’
  • 33121. TKPointCloudBase, fix error C2664 (and C2440) – cannot convert argument n from type1 to type2
  • 33177. Fix bounding box calculation in E57 reader


  • 33130. Disable warning messages, occured in Eigen 3rdparty
  • 32339. Unfolding produces incorrect result
  • 31374. Unfolding produces incorrect segment mapping
  • 25796. Unfolding produces unsymmetric result for symmetric input

Volume Rendering

  • 32687. VolumeRender_Reader::SetFileSource() is not exported
  • 32690. Add Hello World sample
  • 32770. Incorrect gray value representation
  • 32700. Derive VolumeRender_Reader and VolumeRender_Converter from Standard_Transient
  • 32698. Crash when VolumeRender_Converter goes out of scope in Debug+Release mix
  • 32824. Add grayscale preset
  • 32804. Accelerate volume rendering for low opacity
  • 32800. Volume Rendering sample inefficienc
  • 31397. Unlimited steps number
  • 31398. Pre-integrated classification
  • 32755. Empty space skipping technique
  • 32703. Unable to use VolumeRender_Reader::SetStream() for NRRD files
  • 32689. Simple scenario (high-level API usage) in the user guide is out of date

If you are interested in Open Cascade Platform or in a particular value-added component please contact us for more information.

OCCT 7.7.0
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