Telecommunication Industry

Currently, the telecommunications sector is quite turbulent owing to the emergence of various disruptive technologies, changing customer demands, and increasing competition. In this highly tempestuous situation, telecom operators are left with no option but to explore new competitive positioning strategies that would help them gain the upper hand in the market.

As far as the customers of the telecommunications industry are concerned, due to the vast options available, they are unable to decide on the features and offers that are best suited for them. Therefore, telecom providers must devise an effective competitive positioning strategy to survive in the long run. To help telecom companies overcome such challenges, experts at Open Cascade have defined a step-by-step approach to gain a competitive edge in the market:

Specification of market boundaries

Open Cascade supports telecommunication companies with creation of a position map and specification of the boundaries of the market in which they operate to protect their revenue market share. This step generates 3D representation for each asset and extent inventory management systems with visual.

Conversion of customer experience into value

After identifying benefits and plans that appeal the most to customers, operators in the telecom industry can further decide on how to improve them and create differentiators. Customer mapping is a great source to gain information on which products will reap the most value and for which services are customers willing to pay.

Product mapping across customer segments

The primary revenue streams for telecommunication companies are shifting from voice and value-added services (VAS) to data services. To secure the target market, it is imperative for telecom providers to address the quick changes in the customer demand.

Identifying untapped segments

Identifying and working on the segments that have potential but have not yet been explored by competitors will give telecom companies the early bird advantage. An excellent competitive positioning strategy would help providers to identify those unexplored segments that have high revenue and growth prospects.

Discover new opportunities for building customer intimacy and expanding connectivity with Open Cascade solutions for telecommunication companies:

  • Asset management operations for Telecommunications— boost upsale, make information management workflow better operational and reduce costs by augmenting existing asset management systems with Open Cascade solution for Telecommunication industry.

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