Metrology and Quality Control

Modern metrology generates and collects all the information necessary for the manufacturing process to ensure the correctness of parts, accuracy of assemblies and as a result, the highest standard of the products. Good understanding of metrology and GD&T measurements as well as manipulation of the relevant 3D software is also the key drivers of quality control and inspection, including reverse engineering, non-destructive testing, etc. In the metrology, creating the correct GD&T at the CAD design stage and conveying them throughout the whole product lifecycle is a cost-effective and time-saving approach which ends up with products accuracy and total customer satisfaction. Keeping this in mind, Open Cascade comes with a set of out-of-the-box 3D solutions and provides services in the field of industrial metrology.

Assure high accuracy of industrial measurements and exact toolpath planning with Open Cascade solutions:

  • PMI solutions — ISO compliant, PMI handling and visualization solutions guarantee digital continuity, ensuring that universal symbols and styles are used for PMI presentations, regardless the origin of the software system. PMI representations used in its software are supported by industry standards: geometrical tolerancing are implemented in accordance with ISO 1101:2012 and visualization of GD&T data in a 3D scene is performed in compliance with ISO 16792:2015.
  • Ultrasonic testing — data preparation for UT (ultrasonic testing) inspections of products with complex geometry: defining and optimization of trajectories and 3D data for simulations, robotic inspection, coverage analysis, utilization of original CAD model and surface reconstruction from laser scan.
  • Point cloud processing — point cloud visualization solution can be used to render point clouds from small to practically unlimited size with fully interactive performance. In addition to point coordinates, it can handle such point attributes as intensity, color, normal and type ID.
  • Computed tomography results processing — Open Cascade possesses unique proprietary technology based on which 3d volume rendering software is developed. It allows handling massive volume data provided by computed tomography equipment, be it industrial or medical.

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